81310485381_290so i want to sleep in until i can’t no more and take a bike ride to magazine to trade in some of my old junk at the buffalo exchange, where i can hopefully get some cash back for whatever… the B.E is so damn cool, it’s like a consignment store with punk/vintage items, they only take unique pieces, but ive made some money off of them trading in some of my cool junk easily..!! as far as bebe goes, i didi’nt get off of work last night until 11pm and one of my girls called in sick so i just made everything much more harder….the store was a mess!! on top of that, it was my first night closing alone and the paperwork was overwhelming!!! anyhow, i dont want to think of bebe until tomorrow!! haha..well as me and sal are looking foward to our return home, it’s like our whole lives are going to change completely and it’s exciting and nervewrecking at the same time..all in all i have to thank god for giving me someone like sal because of him, i have gotten to travel all over the U.S and see things i never thought i would have..i’m so in love with my husband it’s funny how i still see him and feel the same butterfly’s like the first night we met….he thinks he found me, i say i approached him, because i did!! i was like whoa!! i have to go talk to him before someone else does!! so i tell sal Because of ME!! we are happy!! lol… he denies it and wants all the credit….dork……. well i have to start my house chores..ugh…and get my day going….see ya all later!! muah ! Vero….