normal_IMG_0126Oh my gosh!!! Today has to be officialy another one of the greatest days of my lil life!! sal never ceases to amaze me!!! he took me to pick up my buggy boo boo today and i was sooo freakin amazed!! …it was awesome…thank you jesus once again!…god has been very good to me and sal after all of this mess we went they say, after the storm, then comes the sun!!
anyhow, we went to go pick up the car and spent all day there..poor sal felt really robbed of the experience to teach me how to drive..although he has nothing to worry about because i really did not learn much and am still a dumass…i need sooo much still kindascared…all i remember is clutch this gas this…all these pedals..then the jerking!! aghhhh
here is a funny pic of sal…he was sad poor baby……awww…anyhow ..i see it as the car is OURS…a car we can both enjoy…sal looked really good in it, i was impressed when he drove it home with the top down….mmmm.he looked like a hottie!!!..

Thank you baby for everything….no more gifts for me…you are soo kind and awesome to me….i can never ever top this!! or can i? we will see…

anyhow, ill keep you all updated on my progress!! this weekind nola here we come!! oh yeah!! i forgot to mention im working again!! yay!! i like the bebe here it’s really cool , smaller but cool..anyhow, here is another pic!! i look wierd.. lol!!