argfishoh my god…sal is completely OBSESSED!!!


haha, this is a thread i started at SOY….

Sal’s Obsession!!

he is completely obsessed with our new aquarium and has cleaned it out and spent over 200 bucks the last two days spoiling the fish , with new rocks, test kits, you name it, we got it,…..if you all haventt noticed, he spends no time on soy and all his time sitting in front of the tank, trying to get the fish to play back,,,(lol..he’s doin it right now) …..

lol…sal looks soo damn funny making faces at the fish and yesterday when our first set died, he ran to the fish store today and bought five more….

He even tortured our beta and threw him in the mix with the other goldfish to watch him fight.!!!!!..but then realized that the beta was a female, and renamed her from LA lazy ass….Can you believe it!!!!!

some women fight with thier men for attention from thier boys, tv, the net, me FISH!!!!!!

haha…oh gawd, i wish you all could see this,,, funny thing is i BOUGHT him two kissing fisheys for Valentine’s in a lil bowl, wich turned into the fish hilton with this high tech tank!!!

it’s all my fault!!!!!!!

women what do you do when your man is obsessed with his fish??

lol. you should see the dum responses i got….


soo damn funny!!