romanc01…HOLY *bleep*!! i just had the best *bleep*in sex on the planet with my husband like 20 min ago…whoooooo!! okay so sal has been majorly working out, and i dont know if its his new found energy/ muscles that appearing in places i never even seen!!but i had like a 15 second orgasm and was screaming into my *bleep*in pillow like i was getting raped or something!!! whoooo!!! im sorry i know this might be a lil to much freakin info or something….but that is the cost of me having a damn online diary…..
so, to sal, baby, thank you for the best sex ever..i had the longest orgasm yet…and to the ladies, is it diff when a man works out like this??? i mean damn!! if that’s the case, i’m buying sal a homemade gym!!!

that’s it, im soooo hitting the tybo in the am, haha,, i have a date with billy…hehehe…

(don’t get a big ass head either babe)…….now come back to bed….