That stupid Rave….
drunk bastards
Sal and I were sitting here at home, when Wyatt happend to IM sal about this Rave he found going on here in New Orleans in the city…well it was about 12 pm and we were sitting around relaxing, when we thought “why not?” so got ready fast…and headed downtown…Well we got there, it was at an abandon Theater…and it was DEAD as hell..(looked ghetto too/no parking) being semi-dressed up, we figured *bleep* it! let’s go see what’s going down on Bourboun…
We ended up drinking and hanging out at Razoo this fun ass club on the strip..Somehow i managed to find myself on stage with all the other drunk whores and shaking my booty to “My Goodies” …damn song…lol….sal and i walkied the strip afterwards and luckily had a Lucky Dog on the way home.mmmm..they rock…(you should of seen the hotdog man arguing with this drunk m+m look alike….

we got home, and CRASHED!!!! all in all it was a wierd wierd night….lol….crazy sal…..

ps…thanks freakin wyatt!!!