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Vero’s Thought’s..(juicy shit)



veroavy22Damn it’s been 2 months now without my baby…i can’t believe i’ve been able to stay sane…alot has happened juat have to getback on ya’ll on it…i’m really to damn lazy to get into detail..hehe i’ll be back….








Stupid Huricane

long_hair_in_car_1Well as you all heard, sal had to evacuate new orleans due to the hurricane (Ivan) that hit the city hard last week, luckily i was not there, but regreted the fact that i could not go thru the experience with him…he drove all the way to Beumont Texas, the first night, where i scambled calling all over trying to book him a room to stay after his grueling 13 hr drive to nowere…luckily i got a room, reserved it, and he was able to rest for one night before he hit the road again and headed towards houston…he stayed in pasadena, before coming back to nola and back to his poor babe…thanks to everyone who was praying with me for his safety, all of you from soy, and my family…whew!! that was enough stress for a few days…so lately, i’ve been really busy with my family and my clients, just taking the day by day, and looking foward to the birth of my first ever niece emmy..i can’t wait…my b-day is coming up , i actually won’t be doing *bleep* due to the fact that i want to save the 100 dollars ill probably spend on liquor..hmmm we’ll see :) anyhow, today we went shopping and out to dinner, just me and the was fun..well that’s it for now, i’ll post more later..muahzzz..vero…


My funny Sister…

37885774853_330_1Damn my sister is a trip..she almost burned the freakin house down on sunday..soo damn funny..i was lmfreakin ass off!!! i had to sprint across the damn living room butt naked in a towel( i was in the shower, to extinguish a fire that she started, trying to make pancakes..ay mija …let’s just put it this way…OIL AND WATER DON’T MIX MENSA!!!! YOU CAN’T PUT OUT A FIRE LIKE THE CARTOONS DO!! i sware i think she is scarred for life, i doubt she’ll ever cook again!! i can’t believe we came from the same gene pool..dork, anyhow, i finally got to kick it with my girls on friday..val and gina picked me up, and we went to plaza ventana and had some bomb ass margarita’s !!! val and g are soo much fun..crazy chicks! later on i got to see some more of my old school friends and it was a cool ass time…i had 3 damn drinks, and i felt drunk as hell…damn i’m WEAK i can’t hang like the topdawgs any more, so i called it a night and came home early…(oh-well) hehe…anyhow, on sunday i finally slept and on monday, i went on a wild goosehunt all over leemore, hanford, and some wierd ass town looking for an adress, lil to my suprise it was were i originally started at and of course, sal to the rescue..i had to go on base and handle some buisness, and the prick guard wanted me to get security clearance for my mom and sis, but after i kissed ass and delt with the dude, he let me on with my id and without guest passes…i handeled buis, then got dragged to the damn casino for what seemed like years…i was soo bummed that i lost 30 bucks haha and could not wait to get the heck out of there …ugh i left smelling like old smoke and when i finally got home after all that damn driving, my bed never felt soo good….well i miss you babydoll and i can’t wait to see you…i love you all…ill try to post more when i actually get he darn time ..muah!! V**********


Missing Sal…

vero_eye_1Wow i have major jet lag and got hella sick on the way home from my last flight from vegas..i will never..EVER! take damn dramamine again…i had no freakin idea it was a mild sedative that strangely knocked me out..there was this cool lady who kept on trying to talk to me and i was so sleepy i have no idea what the heck i even said to her!!…all i remember was her asking the stewardess for a pillow and blanket for me witch i was wrapped up in when i wierd..anyhow..the first person i seen was my brother who was the last when i left the first time so it was kinda cool to see him after 6 months…i was really amazed at how i have been recieved so far by family and friends. everyone has been so really sucks tho that i can’t be with sal during the next couple of months but again the distance is something all of us navy gals have to’s funny tho because i feel like i’m missing part of me someone ripped a chunk out of my chest and left it new orleans …i can’t believe how much i miss sal …i love him so much that california now seems empty without him…i feel displaced like half of me should be here and the other there…i guess i’m going on and on…with nonsense..but anyhow, looking foward to spending time with all of you…love you all…muah…V**************



32856054277_330okay, now that i think of it, i’m gonna miss my hubby!!!! i don’t know if i can handle that long of a stay!!!!!maybee i’ll just hop on a plane and come right back!!!! And it’s too funny how people are automatically negative on my status and relationship with my NEW’s freakin unreal how some people just want to see you fail..well for those in doubt, let me clarify something…YES, he’s in the navy, and sometimes duty calls….YES we are newlyweds and have to be apart for 4 months… wow i think i just had to get that off my chest for a certain someone…no pun intended…i really believe that jesus throws all of us curve balls sometimes, even at your happiest times of all..i guess it’s his way of showing me how to be more independant and how to have faith in my return…damn i hate packing..i never realized how much *bleep*t i have …i have to pack 2 bags for a short stay and i feel like im taking all of freakin nola with me!!!oh yeah..i wanted to say thank you to beckyloo…since were both married dorks.. ;) you gave me great advice and i thank you from the bottom of my are the most positive person i ever met and you showed me what wifeys need to go through to make *bleep* happen (our conversation) i printed your letter to have with me while i’m gone..and get ready for mardi gras girl because you and bruce are gonna party with these crazy mexicans!!! hahah!! i love ya beckyloo….ok ..well gotta finish up….muah!! V**



7948967685_330_1hooray!! i am currently planning an extended visit to my homestate of cali to see some family and make some extra moola for our wedding in 2006…at first i was hesitant, but maybee in the long run this type of sacrifice will be good way for both of us to save and focus on our careers for the time being….i will definitly miss Louisiana’s heart and spirit but i know i’ll be back for Mardi Gras’ (haha) and to be with my heart and love of my life sal permanantly…damn i never knew how much you value your time together when your married i feel like sometimes i just cant get enough of him…i know for damn sure im gonna work real hard on saving every penny so that we dont have to ever be apart ..ever again…it’s soo cool too because my friends and family are super excited about my return ..i never knew i had people like that who actually gave a *bleep* about what the hell i did…this whole site has been based on my life, and showing family whats going on with me, but i never knew to what capapcity again, how much i have the best family and friends in the world…wow so awesome…i’ll hopefully be updating my site from time to time ..and lettin ya’ll know the gossip on what’s new or whatever..i still have to post those babies too..haha…ok , well that is it for now…love you all…muah…..veronica….


This Week ..

kissinsfSo there is absoulutly nothing new going on lately except for playing around in marital bliss and moving …wich sucks of course..i’ll be relocating soon to another part of the city, and i cant wait to get settled in a decorate …how funny that all girls look foward to that…except that i have to take into consideration sals likes now as well as my own….ill be getting settled in for a another 12 mo, then hopefully if all goes well going back to my homestate that i loove so much…i really havent gotten around to scanning all kinds of ol skool party pics that i thought would be cool to put in my gallery, but damn there are tons…i mean tons…carshows, clubs, fam parties, hairshows, ect….i prob should get to it…ok so on that note love ya all miss you and ill see you all real soon…..muah!!!!!!!



I’m sick….waaaaaaaa!!

This week i’ve been extremely sick, so i’ve just been hanging out at home…i’m in my second week of marriage and i love it!! My best friend Melissa had a baby and he’s perfect! his name is Julian and hopefully if i get some pics, i’ll post them soon!! okay…gotta go love ya lots!! v****


I’M Married!!!!

95933_10_lrg_a_3700YAY!!! IM MARRIED!!!!!Yesterday, i married my best friend, my heart, my everything!!!! this is the cute piece i got ..(to go with my big night)!! Fredrick’s of Hollywood rocks!!! i got it in sale too…(hehe)
anyhow…wow were do i begin, we had the most amazing day ever..we got married on a lil chapel on base, soo romantic candles and just the priest and our witnesses and spent the day out at the French Quarter wearing matching shot glasses that said “bride” and “groom” walking around goofing off..we vivsited the Ripley’s museum and took a long stroll along the Mississippi, then left for a romantic dinner and some alone time loving…wow i already love being a wifey and being Mr.s H….i love it!! soon after i said my ido’s i contacted my famiy and friends who are happy with my mom is so overjoyed and welcomed sal to our growing family….wow i don’t want to get off this cloud i’m floating on…i love my new husband sooo much especially now how we look at each other with this new feeling soo awesome..ok, well gotta go make dinner..haha …i love you all…muah!!! v*****************

ps. now i gotta plan for my real wedding 1 year from now..i’ll keep you all posted…i’m definetly gonna need some input…


This Fukki’n Heat…

28411206917_330Alright, it is soo *bleep*in hot outside it’s like walking into a hot ass sauna….today is cleaning day,and we keep on goofing off, wresteling on the floor and going through old boxes…sal keeps trying to hit me with his slingshot…buthole….anyhow… gotta get back to this…muah…..V****

I hate the summer…..






Our day at the aquarium…


This was an awesome day and i actually have video of this day…ill see if i could upload it soon…..



new_1Tonight, me and Sal are having the best night of our lives, listening to ranchera’s and playing on our computers….tomorrow is the Fourth of July, and i miss everyone back home…i hope to see you all soon….We plan on taking a drive to see some fireworks maybee, and BBQ’ing here alone..hehe like dorks….i can’t wait..damn i feel so high in love with sal..he wrote me a love letter and took it to my work…soo funny… aww i love you baby….damn i wish could just be in his arms all damn day..not work, anything….ok, enough of that…gotta go….



Sup ya’ll

DSC00708_tn_1Hey guys, alright so sal sent my laptop in for some repairs, so i’m using our home computer, and i keep having to get back to updating my website…(never have time) have an all new site dedicated to the scene back home that crystal is gonna take i’m really busy preparing that one and have been neglecting this one…the layout is old, and sal used this layout because i bitched that i wanted pink….You should see that *bleep* he’s done for the Gov…tight!!!! he got an awesome offer back home, so we”ll see what’s up..anyhow, i’m sorry i had to close my reply lines, due to some unfortunate parisites that plauge the net, i had to keep you all out..i’m too busy to erase thier nonsense so ya’ll know my other sites, and have my pin and adresses!!! all good….anyhow…i miss you all soo much!!! i’m planning a visit to NYC soon, gotta see my girl….we took a drive this haha…i e-mailed you all some pics….tight!!! oh yeah go see Chronicles of Ridick, i thought it was gonna suck but Vin D did alright…soo hot!….anyhow..i’ll send you that hair you wanted crys..and ill call you tomorrow….muah love you …tia li…call me..asap.!!!!!..