HEY GUYS!  so im just updating my website/blog, FINALLY!! im on so many social networks, (vine, ig, fb, ) i never get to actually say anything except post pics! Lately i have been swamped with my salon and my poshmark store , i launched my webstore as well the link is up above under “SHOP GLITZYGAL” , i have some cute dresses and soon to be adding more accessories! but if you are all about earrings, necklaces , leggings and want to see my current items go to my poshmark link ! whew!!

ok, so as you can see from down below, the old blog i had was from when sal bought me a car and we lived in Nola, i mean daym! that was like a deacade ago!! i cannot believe my poor website has been this neglected! i have to remember this is my safe portal, where i can release and also share with you whats new ect!! so i promise ill update alot i mean ALOT more!!

October was crazy!! i feel like Hallows eve came so quick!! my father was in the hospital witch put a damper on things, but all is well now, i had fun using my new BH cosmetics to create this insane zombie look for work, i literally did it while i was here at home at my makeup den and driving, lol.. ill post a pic below, we had a ball sal and i scaring the kiddos here at our home , and it was nice to stay home pop some corn and watch scary movies!

ill start posting all my hair photos too ! i do to much , i need portals for my hair, photography, and store, .. ok love you dolls and thank you for reading my quick blog, ill be updating alot more i promise!! love you guys!! xoxox!!