3042903Oh my gosh!!! you guys!! I had the BEST b-day ever!!! it started off with a morning kiss and sal greeting me with a single red rose and a b-day card, i was like awww baby how sweet !!! After that we had breakfast and sal was like “get ready” we have things to do!!
I was like hmmm, ( I wonder what he has up his sleeve)….so as we were on the freeway he exits near the galleria , (a mall i like) and im like…..hmmm, shopping??

No guys even better….he pulls into a car-lot and bam!!! He is like babe, im getting you the car you found online!! a 2003 convertible black beetle!! aghhhhh!!! how it happened was we had actually went pricing these cars a couple of days ago, but it seemed imposible…so i went home and was sad ass hell then i googled by chance 2003 black beetle tenesse, and BAM!! the car showed up.(they are shipping it from texas)..it was soo crazy!!!! also we got it for an awesome price and the funny thing is that it’s a stick shift which i don’t know how to drive !!! hahha!!(wish me luck) anyhow…yah…sal did good..but it get’s better….he then takes me to store on base and buys me a COACH BAG!! a hot bag i had been looking at and the COCO Chanel Madmoiselle Perfume i had been wanting!! WOW!!!
It dosen’t end there….then we went to a movie, where i noticed sal looking at his watch periodically…..
I was thinking hmmm, he can’t possibily have more…this is too damn much for me….

LET ME TELL YOU!!!!! he then proceeds to bring me home where he takes my hand and picks me up off the floor, i’m like’” babe what are you doing!!” WOW!!!!he had the whole house transformed into a candle haven!! he had rose petals(two dozens) all over the carpets, the bedroom has roses all over, there were roses laid out here and there , he had the bubble bath running with floating candles and rose petals in there, he had music flowing all the lights off, but there were about 80 candles in all..he even had i love you spelled out in candles ..oh gawd….i cried my eyes out!!!!..it was like a dream…one that i never wanted to leave!!! he then gave me a bath..hehe..as we had some drinks..(corona’s, he forgot the wine..hehe)…and then an oil massage FULL body massage…and of course the rest is well you know…

you guys …it was the best day of my freakin life!!! sal is sooo against roses and all that clich’e thing soo believe it or not, the single rose is what did it for me….(the car helped too)…but wow!!!!

sal, thank you soo much baby for everything…every night i pray to god and i prayed for you and prayed to god to send me someone like you and here you are…god listened to my prayer and you are my love and my world…i could never have hoped for someone as wonderfull as you to come and make things so right. I LOVE YOU..i went through hell before there was you and i believe that my waiting for you and the way we met was fate..waiting to be discovered…Thank you Sal….

oh gawd.that’s enough already..before i cry again….

happy b-day to me…..