78701227525_3300Man I Suck!! i have not updated in a while, it’s just so much has been going on!! well first off, yay! i got promoted to be my bosses side kick asssitant store mananger!! there is the store mananger, then 2 of us to help her run it’s! soo damn cool.. . i guess the fact that i like my job is what makes it better….the flip side is that my promotion is temporary until the other store asst manger comes back to our store,(she’s running bebe sport) but i willingly took the offer for my huge pay increase, and the fact that it’s only for 3months, around the same time i will be moving back to cali! so it was just right, a blessing in disquise… we definetly need the money and i would love to be able to spoil my husband spaontaneously instead of having to count every penny i have….so i hope things will get better in that department… umm let’s see what else…oh yeah! we have two new fishey’s one is mine, i named it blackie..(it’s a black goldfish and is deformed) ..poor thing, and sal has a new beta for his office…(he was soo happy)….
Our one year wedding anniversary came and went, we had a good time here at home just enjoying each others company…we were a lil sad because we could not get away to miami the way we intended, but hopefully before our return we will try again….i guess work has sal and i soo damn busy….i have not tried as hard as i should on my diet, but i’m not to worried, i tend to be able to lose weight fast, and i can’t help but indulge in New Orleans Begnet’s mmmmmmm Cafe Dumonde Rocks!! well here goes a pic of my store…..love you all i’ll write more soon…V~