It  has been years !!! since i have updated my website and im excited to bring you updates and  changes and even more excited for you to be able to browse around and enjoy your visit!! yay!!

My amazing hubby of 8 years now, updated my website and the funny thing is that this website was made for me wayyyy before facebook and myspace were around! i used to blog about my life when i lived in the south, if you peek into my blogs and diary’s  you can actually read about the very day i got married!! crazy!!

The story of Sal and Vero has been a crazy ride, for those of you who know me, know that marriage is very important to me. Im a loyal woman , a hustler, all around good woman  and even tho i have had some amazing times with Sal,  im always honest about us and about how marriage has its up and downs, and insane turns.  The trick is to overcome hurdles, have faith in god, and understand and believe that although people are never promised, god lends them to you in life for a reason. I know that the dreams i have for me and my hubby are slowly coming about, staying humble is key, and i pray one day for a family of my own ;) cross my fingers ;) …..

On another note!! my website now has links to my online stores!! you can purchase any of the items i sell at my shop online!! , ill be posting blogs on diff featured items, with links to them and even flash discounts!! since my last updates, im a salon owner and web owner to ! so exciting!! with all these updates!! who has time!! ahhh!! also my career is boomimg! ill be posting alot of my hair art and color work! for more go to the link above , The Look Salon!!

thank you for reading tonight!! here i go!!! I’m Back!!!!!