68220_1569756921778_1171132738_31311663_455749_nFor those of you who don’t know me, Hello! My name is Veronica and i’m 32, a Hairstylist, Make-up Artist and a Photographer!, I’m co -owner of The Look Beauty Salon in Fresno Ca and Owner of Glitzygal Glam Accessories ! I recently moved home from¬†nawlin’s!!¬†baby!!.. after meeting my hubby in a club, in Hollywood, ( imagine that ) and moving to the South and eloping and living the southern lifestyle for 3 years! we went through alot including Hurrican katrina !! upon leaving the South ( Louisiana and Memphis) Ive been lucky to make good friends and travel the U.S enjoying everything along the way ..oh yeah and mardi gras was freakin insane!!!

Now I have been back in Cali and making my life happen here under the sexy sun in the Central Valley , Ive bee developing this site so that i can keep up with all of you , and catalog alot of my existing work and projects , as well as blog about Fashion, Hair and More !!

message me any ideas you have for my site and feel free to browse around and get great tips on hair and peek into my stupid jokes page for a quick laugh!!

gonna be a great year!! love you guys!! xoxo ! V~